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Certain struggles in life are known and others unknown. At times one might find it difficult to seek help or know there is a solution to their problem. At New Image Wellness, it is our aim to help you find the barrier(s) and resolve challenges that impede your progress. Through talk therapy and other modalities, we seek to find the best treatment option for you.

Our job is to get to know you and understand the importance you place on your life; to understand your history; and appreciate where you wish to be. We see our role as consultants helping you achieve your goal.

Dr. Winfrey’s Personal Statement
I regard my role as a physician as one trusted by the community and public to provide a service that honors patients whole being. It is a privilege to work with matters that people regard as sacred.

Laurel Haskell
Medical Assistant

Deanna Thompson
Office Manager


We can perform Psychiatric Evaluation and Consultation for various Problems: Psychotherapy, Medication Management, Forensic Problem, Occupational Problems, Parental-child problems, and more. We offer comprehensive evaluations focusing on your mind, body, social, spiritual, and cultural context. Psychiatric evaluations begin with Initial evaluations are 45, 60, and 90 minutes and consist of a series of questions to obtain a comprehensive psychiatric, medical, and social history. An assessment of the presenting problems as well as initial wellness plan will be developed.

We explore the underlying causes and contributions to various symptoms as they interface with one’s body and other medical illnesses. A healthy body helps to promote a healthy mind.  Following the initial evaluation, there will be a need for ongoing monitoring to achieve and maintain wellness. There are times when loss of response or remission of symptoms occur. It is important to troubleshoot the origins of the problem to regain remission.

Through talk therapy, one can explore themselves and their relationships introspectively to better understand causation of patterns of behavior, self-defeating attitudes, influence of stressors, and personal growth.Some patients are not satisfied with symptoms remission through medication and seek ongoing therapy to understand themselves and their lives better. Additionally, one can further their desire for contentment, peace, satisfaction, and more. Moreover, the capacity for this is not limited to the aforementioned.

– Anger Management 
– Discomfort with career choice 
– Self-Esteem 
– Coping Skills 
Relationship Challenges
– Extramartial Affairs 
– Power Struggles 
– Ambivalence in Relationship
– Codependency
– Bipolar Disorder 
– Major Depressive Disorder 
– Other Depressive Disorder 
– Grief and Loss 
– Couples Work
– Anxiety
– Depression 
– School Disturbances 
– Oppositional Defiance
– Parental Training
– Schizophrenia 
– Schizoaffective Disorders
– Other Psychotic Disorders
– Trauma & Post-Trauma Stress Disorders
– Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
– Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Medical and Medication Management 
Personality Disorders

Seeking psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care can be overwhelming and difficult, especially if you are newly seeking care. People visit a psychiatrist and/or therapist with hopes of sharing deeply held beliefs and emotions that might disturb them. Trust and confidentiality are essential to this process. When seeking a psychiatrist and therapist, it is important to discuss what matters to you and what you want to be attended to.  Also, it is important to ensure the person whom you are consulting addresses the problems you face. It is important to align your problem areas with their skill set. Next, it is necessary to feel comfortable with their orientation and philosophy. This can be sought by reading their personal profile and a phone discussion with them. Lastly,  you need to be ready to address your concerns, work towards your goals, and agree to commit to your care with time, finances, and interest. This work differs from other areas of medicine in that it requires your deep interest, curiosity, and effort to be successful given the most important area of human life will be addressed-the human mind/soul.

There are different names given to this process: talk therapy, talking cure, or therapy that deals with deep emotions. The treatment is established through consultation around the problem. After discussing what brings one to seek therapy, a basic idea is conveyed that attempts to underscore the nature of the problem. The relationship begins at the consultation and continues to deepen as trust level increases through the course of treatment. The focus of therapy is designed to build a relationship with the therapist, developing ways to manage painful emotions, and difficult situations. It then progresses towards looking at past relationships and events as far back as childhood. It is important to grasp the events and relationships that shaped ones sense of self, beliefs, behaviors, and reactions as such dictates one’s path in life. The past connects to the present and shapes the future. It is often pondered the benefit of looking into one’s past because such events can’t change. For the mind, it possesses the ability to change the meaning and intensity of past events that shaped one’s current distress. Therefore, past events do not need to change or be erased to alter the effects it has on a person.


In this contemporary time, modern science and medicine has undergone extensive advancement over last 100 years. In the last 30 years, medications have become safer and more understood. In conjunction with other medical treatments, medications can offer measurable benefits. Questions often arise regarding the need of medications to address mental illness.  We are living in a time where people do not have to suffer for lack of or inadequate treatment compared to 100 years ago. People remarkable improve when they received proper medication. Medications are utilized on a case-by-case basis. They are often used in conjunction with psychotherapy. In some cases, psychotherapy can be used alone. In other cases, it is absolutely necessary to combine with medication as it could mean life or death. Medications help to accelerate recovery given psychotherapy takes time alone. However, it largely addresses symptom distress and helps with biological controls. There are some instances where medications are contraindicated; meaning could produce little to no benefit.  It is important to discuss with a qualified provider whether medications are a fit for you.

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